Energy Tracking

Energy Tracking and Monitoring of energy assets through the implementation of Smart Devices as per the latest industry products and practices.

Energy Management

Measurement and optimization of Energy Consumption through Energy Audits as per ISO 500001, Efficiency Enhancement based on monitoring and validation processes, monitoring of multiple energy resources for OPEX optimization.

DISCO Bill Reconciliation

Guaranteed Bill Reconciliation with DISCOs based on accurate energy consumption measurement and DISCO Meter monitoring. Also, we ensure that charges align with actual Tariffs thereby eliminating overbilling, wrong Tariffs applications, and overshot MDI (fixed) charges or taxation.

Smart Metering and Billing

Audit and quantification of all consumptions for a Customer Site including Housing Society, Apartment Building, Office Complex, with Tenant/Resident Billing, and precise Loss identification and recommendations for the reduction of common services/areas and losses. Also, the roll-out of Smart Meter Programs with multiple payment plans.

Smart Meter Installation, Maintenance, Testing

Installation service at the Customer Sites, along with quality assurance, testing, and periodic maintenance of smart metering assets.

Energy Planning

Audit of Customer Sites with a comprehensive plan to optimize energy consumption with future expansion strategies to ensure the most efficient cost structure.

Energy Efficiency Certification

Provide relevant energy certification to customers as per the latest industry standards ISO 50001, Green Building Certification for Energy optimization through Channel Partners.

Turnkey Smart Solutions

  • Microgrid Design, Operation, and Management
  • Solar Solution Design, Procurement, Supervision & Installation with Operation &
  • Maintenance, and guaranteed energy output SLAs
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Prepaid System (Tenant Resident Billing)
  • Hybrid Energy Solutions and Controllers
  • Enterprise Energy Planning

Entrack provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience.

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