“Answers to Frequently Asked Questions”


Typical ROIs are a few months 1 to 3 or depending on the environment.

We have one of the most experienced and well-known engineers on our team with a collective experience of more that a 110 years in Solar and renewables. In addition, our company has installed numerous projects in industrial and commercial applications.

Power quality is a complex subject and once the Power Quality is measured on a Site many actions can be taken to overcome Power Quality issues. This will enable the industry to use and benefit from the Grid especially when being used for standby and System support or Net Metering perspective.

Generally, the system is available over 99%.

The Bill reconciliation Process is such that you will need to monitor the Data and record of the DISCO Billing meter installed at your Site as well as you need expertise in Meter Testing so that if the concerned officials cannot unfairly declare the DISCO meter defective or create a situation where they can raise a Detection Bill. The Smart Meter Data ensures that the DISCO Meter is working satisfactorily and also creates a complete record of load shedding as well as Site consumption which assist us in informing the DISCO in advance of our expected consumption and DISCO Meter Reading. This results in guaranteed Bill Reconciliation.

Our Unique offering for our customer is that on an EPC mode we facilitate the customers to do directly procure all major items under our supervision while holding and maintaining our guarantees and warrantees for the system. In addition, we provide the complete System monitoring solution including Bill Reconciliation with DISCO to consumption and accounting for any import and export from the customer Microgrid, this ensures accurate energy accounting and optimised Solar output resulting savings of million of rupees per year.

You can evaluate your Supply and Consumption profile resulting in identification of over usages, idling, inadvertent usage, Outages and Diesle pouring reconciliation if you are using back-up generators

There is no upfront cost of the Portal all you need is a windows or iOS computer with a browser. Additionally, if you want to do analytics you need a Qlik license which is very economical and is priced at USD 30 per month as part of our offering.

You can add Energy saving equipment and measure there effects and savings, you can create simple automation solutions to reduces energy consumption by installing gang switches, generating alarms, Diesel reconciliation, DISCO Bill reconciliation etc.