About Us

We offer energy solutions, and services across the nation. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

Chairman Message

Masroor Ahmad Khan (Chairman ENTRACK-SB)

The electrical grid is a hundred years old and has been in a state of stagnation for many decades. By the turn of the century driven by the Information Technology revolution the concept of Digitizing energy became possible. Coupled with the development in Distributed Energy Resources, Battery Energy Storage, advent of the Electric Vehicles on a mass scale enabling the Energy Grids to be Smart, Intelligent and Flexible and converting the Energy Consumers to Prosumers, is driving growth in the energy exchange industry. All the excitement and growth is driven by Digitalizing consumption as well as Production/Generation and Transmission/Distribution of the Energy Grids.Additional impetus is generated by the climate change and environmental protection drivers and goals.

First time in the history of mankind the convergence of all these technologies is creating possibilities of connected microgrids with many technologies and across industries including a huge need of Waste Heat Recovery systems integration in Industrial and Commercial applications. We at SBEEC are pioneering the Digitalization of Energy for both Consumption and Production and developing actionable services based on Digital Energy Data.


Digitalize energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumption. To enable all stakeholders to transact with trust, confidence, and speed. To profitably make a carbon-neutral world by ensuring energy planning in the most efficient and reliable manner at enterprise and national level


To digitalize energy sales, purchases, and consumption to enable energy prosumers to operate with trust, confidence, and speed. By digitalizing consumption, energy can be managed to ensure efficiency and achieve cost reduction resulting in a profitable path to a carbon-neutral world.

Why Us

Everything SBEEC does is devoted to one idea: to meticulously measure, monitor, and report electricity consumption in real-time. This will ensure fair transactions and generate insights based on consumption patterns to eliminate waste, to project future planning of electricity supply systems, and make electricity use highly efficient resulting in reduced costs.